Northern-Web-Coders – 2.5.4

…es geht weiter mit meinem Theme Northern-Web-Coders – Version 2.5.4.

Das letzte Ticket für die Version 2.5.3 ist geschlossen und auf not-approved gesetzt.

Die Fehler waren:

Code Quality

  • The charset meta tag in the HEAD has to be placed before the <title>.
  • Feed links are not to be hard-coded into the document head, the call to automatic-feed-links in functions.php takes care of this.
  • The wp_nav_menu call in header.php has been coded incorrectly. The result of this is that the menu is not available at any location in the theme…
  • The child menu items in the front-end also appear as permanently open…

Template Tags and Hooks

Theme Settings and Data Security

  • All custom functions, options, custom variables and custom constants in functions.php have to be prefixed with a theme slug.

Theme Unit Tests

  • Large videos on the main page are not overflowing the content area but they are not being re-sized, this means that only portions of the video are being shown. This is merely a recommendation.

Die Fehler habe ich nun behoben.

Hier das neue Ticket: